Style Therapy For The Non-Creatives May 22, 2017

Some people go their entire lives without figuring out what their creative outlet is. Unlike the mega talented artists, singers, dancers etc. the majority of the world’s population convince themselves early on that they are not creative. They do not realize that everyone has creativity in them but that it manifests itself in different ways.

You don’t have to go to fashion schools in Sydney in order to be stylish and conscious of your clothing choices. It is one of the most dynamic fields of creativity there is. Here are some of the different ways in which style can manifest itself in those who claim to not be “creative”:

Style Diva

These people are at the top of their game and do in fact, know their own creative worth. These individuals are complete divas, perhaps doing a 9-5 job in an office, but always very forward in their style and take great risks with their choices. If the current trend is contrast, they will go for matching outfits. What they wear today becomes the trend tomorrow – and they know it. Their creativity may be enhanced by following some fashion design course but chances are, the diva has never set foot into a fashion show in their lives. Magazines and TV are their best friends.

Style Guru

These individuals are different from the diva in that they consider themselves to be completely unfashionable and not at all creative when it comes to style. Moreover, they themselves do not often present a very stylish picture. However, their creativity manifests itself when people go shopping. There in the mall or the store, the style guru has the sharpest and keenest eye; whatever they pick up and combine will be the look of the week. They are better at dressing and shopping for others than they are at shopping for themselves precisely because of their lack of confidence in their own choice but they have the golden hands when it comes to style tips.

Costume Design

Depending on the kind of theatre/film productions that come their way, the costume designer may or not be considered creative by their peers. Those who constantly create costumes for fantasy or high drama productions, as opposed to contemporary, realistic productions, usually become famous and are lauded for their creativity. However, it takes just as good of an eye and just as much effort as the ‘out there’ costumes. Some designers don’t even consider themselves very artistic or creative because of their brief, which is to cobble together some costumes under a limited budget. The reality is that they have to be creative in more ways than one in order to find aesthetically pleasing, budget friendly and memorable costumes.

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